Wake up with a Scent!

SensorWake a Paris based startup has created an alarm clock that uses intense scents to wake you up rather than traditional noise alarms.

The startup won a Google Science Fair competition and became part of a Google Success Engine program with Google France, it was also on Kickstarter where it raised €192,453 and had 1,504 backers. The company is partnered with Swiss fragrance manufacturer Givauden to get its scents, they are currently working on making different scents.

It works using a capsule, which holds the scent. You insert the capsule on top of the clock. You get a range of scents such as coffee, croissant, mint, and money. The alarm goes off for 3 minutes and you can also insert beeps just in case you need both. SensorWake.png

The clock will cost $109, you have to buy the capsules separately and they each can be used 30 times. You can buy a two pack for $10.90.

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