Use the force with the Force Band!

BB-8 the friendly droid in the new StarWars the Force Awakens, made bySphero, went for sale a few months ago and you can now buy a newly released wearable band to control the droid called the Force Band!

Sphero is a company that makes robotic balls that you can drive and control using an app.  One of its most popular products is the Ollie, or was the Ollie, util they released BB-8.

Its really cool, it looks like a watch and is filled with sensors to allow you to control BB-8 using hand gestures, much like if you were using the force. Resting your hand will put the droid into driving mode, palm up will make it look in your direction, palm down and it will look away from you, and it even spins as you spin!

BB-8 costs $150.00 but the cost of the band hasn’t been released yet, it looks as though sometime in fall of 2016. The company will be releasing a special BB-8 that has battle scars and looks war torn along with the band.

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