Smart Ski Vest that can save your life!

A Smart Ski Airbag Vest has been made for those who ski a lot and fall a lot, if you do fall an airbag will inflate within 100 milliseconds to protect you from the fall.

The vest is made by a french company called in&motion. The company worked with the French Ski-cross team to develop the vest to protect skiers.

The vest has sensors that detect movements and balance fluctuations to detect if the wearer is about to fall. The sensors also record skiers to help the company update the vest to make it safer. This protection is needed to save skiers from serious injuries such as head traumas or worse. The data of the fall is used to analyze how and why it happened and how to avoid the fall in the future. The vests are also reusable.

It retails for $1,200 and will be available for sale sometime in the summer of 2016.

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