Immersit makes tech to create the most on screen immersive experience

A company is taking a brave step towards building an immersive environment, one where you can take part of the on screen action. Immersit, based in Paris, is turning furniture into simulators that move along with whatever you are playing on your screen.

The company adds four pneumatic “feet” to your couch or chair and with combination to air enables it to move and jump according to what you’re watching or playing. It can make your couch or chair move back and forth, side to side, heave up and down, and can vibrate.

Currently there aren’t other companies selling this type of product. Except unless you go to an adventure park where in some cases there are theaters that have these types of seats. Immersit is the first company to try to bring this technology to the public.

The technology can handle 1,100 pounds (500 Kilograms), around the weight of 4 people. A central control module receives motion code form a laptop or computer, then using wi-fi it operates the feet and syncs with what’s on the screen. For some 4DX systems such as roller coaster rides and other games the users must pre-program their blue ray player in order for it to work. Currently the cost hasn’t been set.

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